Minku is here

Thanks for stopping by to check out what’s going on at Minku. It’s 1:30am on a Wednesday, soft rock (aka the type of music my roomie’s parents listen to) is playing on my laptop. The past few days have been for cutting, hand-stitching, combining pieces of leather and fabric, into what will be the first Minku collection. In the next post, I’ll put up pictures.

About Minku: I started Minku because I wanted to put my art, design, and engineering backgrounds into practice in a way that would be meaningful and fulfilling.

5 thoughts on “Minku is here

  1. You never cease to amaze me! I’m thankful about Minku and the opportunity it affords you to express you creativity! Keep it up. Looking forward to snagging my own Minku item.

  2. I’m thankful too. It’s fun to get creative, using this medium. Oh and just a few more days.

  3. you are an amazing, very talented young girl. keep it up!!! Bravo

    P.S : Think of some luxury pieces so you can catch the Nigerian market. For example you can add a bit of stones(bling). All the best.

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