Today I made a hole by hand

One day I’ll swing by the nearest cobbler to ask for a hole punch. For now, well… I made a hole in leather by hand. I have a growing collection of reliable work tools, so I guess it could be worse. Using teeth for instance. That would suck.

What was the hole for? The handbags in the previous post have no straps. That’s because I hadn’t put any yet. Now I am doing so, and I punched the holes for the straps. It’s funny how I’ve seen handbags all my life – in my mum’s closet, worn by people on the street, in magazines, etc – but now that I’m making them, I look at them differently. Next time I see a strap hole, I can see myself secretly hoping that it didn’t have to be done by hand.

Here are the bags with their straps.

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