The Old Cavalry

Today I worked some more on the Old-cavalry bag. It’s made of cow hide in two hues of blue. It’s really heavy, a bit more of a challenge to work with than the other hides I had been working with, which were lighter.

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What about that name? It occurred to me that the two flaps on the sides looked like horses. I think it’s because I’ve been seeing a lot of medieval stuff lately. I was reading this excellently-researched novel about the Catalan medieval era (called The Cathedral of the Sea) until I decided, 400 pages in, that it was too depressing for me to continue. We’ve been following Game of Thrones, an HBO fantasy series set in the medieval times. And I’ve been seeing a lot of the video game Shogun, which is set in feudal Japan.

So you see, it was easy for me to stop associating the shapes with a cow, which was the original idea when I started cutting them a month ago, and to conclude instead that they look like horses in a cavalry.

Today, we also had a mini photo shoot, which resulted finally in a picture for the About page. You can check it out here. Well, what do you think about the cavalry bag? I’ll be happy to hear your thoughts :-)


6 thoughts on “The Old Cavalry

  1. What happened with this bag? I’ve not seen it in the lookbook. You must have recently redone your site a bit and so all of your older blogs that I’d not read came up on my reader.
    I like this bag a lot and am just curious.

  2. I didn’t finish working on the bag (the straps and lining). Also unlike the other bags, it’s made of a really thick hide and has a suede feel – it seems very different from the rest and may not fit into a collection per se.

    I am glad you noticed – I did categorize the posts :-) There are enough posts that I could come up with some clear categories, and it was time to vary the navigation :-) What do you think?

  3. like the way you’ve categorised the posts and the look of the blogs seem different somehow…don’t quite know what it is, but it (the blog space) looks ‘cleaner?’ I love the colouring and the shape of the bag.

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