green day

The web site color changed :-) For a few days, I think I’ll leave it as green.

Painting I purchased last week is up on the wall, and I’m working simultaneously on two projects: Minku of course, and a calligraphy project. When I was younger, my parents were making a trip to the States. When they asked me what I wanted, I said a calligraphy set. Yeah, I was 14 – even I don’t know where I pull these ideas out of sometimes. Later that year, it was a violin. When I was 15, a teach-yourself programming book (this request was to my uncle).

Well, so my poor mum, she somehow came back home with a Sheaffer calligraphy set for me. Like, really. Even now, I don’t know where one can buy calligraphy sets in the States. But somehow, my mum managed to find me not just a crappy children’s ‘beginner’ set, but the durable set with fine, medium, and bold stainless-steel nibs that I still use today, thirteen years later.

Calligraphy is a hobby that is in some demand, and having a hobby that can also be lucrative is not a bad idea.

Except when you think of all the writing I would be doing within the next week. I have a one-week deadline and still a few hundred to go. If there was an award for the most writing done in one week, I might be winning it. But one envelope/invite at a time, with care and perseverance, I’ll get there.

What about you – do you have any fun stories from your childhood/teenage years to share?


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