Straps and a zipper :-)

So many items of outer and inner wear can come to mind at the mention of straps and a zipper, but in this case, I’ll be telling you about bags. The Nina Simone laptop bag, to be specific. The dear Tami of Fete a Fete blog contacted me about the Nina Simone bag. When she asked if I had one with a zipper, I thought… no, but I could make one.

So all the three compartments of the bag now come under one nice, neat zip. And for those who like me, like to messenger-up things, there’s now a strap too.

Le strap, doing a dance to celebrate its entry into the Minku world

Which means that with the Nina Simone laptop bag, you can wear your laptop, lunch, books, iPad, lip gloss, and anything else that’s fit to carry, not just on your arm – which is oh so Carrie Bradshaw – but also across your body, which is more practical if you’re on the go.

I would like your feedback on these wearing options. The design process never ends, afterall! If you would like to buy the Nina Simone laptop bag, or see more views of it, visit the shop. To request a customized version, contact Minku!


2 thoughts on “Straps and a zipper :-)

  1. You’ve got lots of leather designs. But what I love about your design line is the theme attached to it. that is “Lagos” and the ‘boat’ representation of Third Mainland Bridge .
    Anyways my name is Balogun Adeniyi, A Final Year Student of English in Lagos State University and a sophomore student of Law UNILAG. I have a baby fashion line too called ‘Lapis Lazuli, Naija’ You can add me on facebook (Balogun Adeniyi) or follow me on twitter (IamLazuli). Ciao!

  2. Hi Balogun, thanks a lot for your comment and for stopping by :-) It took a lot of help to decide on the logo, but I feel it really represents the story I’m trying to tell through Minku. I’m going to look out for Lapis Lazuli doing big things in the future (cool name by the way)! Cheers..

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