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I am trying to choose a Minku logo. Something specific and defined, that can help our branding campaign, and appear consistently on the web site, perhaps on Minku images, and so on. Still in deciding stage, but with the help of roommates, friends, brother, I’ve narrowed them down to two choices. Please leave a comment to vote your preference. Voting ends on August 2, 2011.

Thanks! Minku



Still using comps, the final logo would be cleanly finished..

To find out about the results on Aug 2, please check back on this site or go to

35 thoughts on “please vote

  1. option one seems suitable…for the leather works. but if you intend floating a clothing line alongside the leather work in future, option two would be more suitable.

  2. would hve chosen option 2 if it dint hve that green stuff, but my choice is 1 TAIWO OI

  3. Option 1. Reminds me of boats on the lagoon with 3rd mainland in the background.

  4. I like op-1. I think it will suitable for your branding. I do not know the story behind the logos. For me these two logos can fall into commercial (branding specifically for shipping, boat manufacturing are few that goes with the logo identity).

  5. I prefer the option 1 because it brings an idea of something polished, finished and delicate. It’ll give an idea of exotism and travel to your collections.

  6. Kunmi! I like them both, but think number 2 will look better smaller, printed, in black and white–all things you might need to make letterhead, business cards, flyers, etc. –Diana

  7. Thank you everyone! @Dele, really good point, and noted. @Alicia, si, creo que es verdad; vamos a ver… @Folarin, didn’t think of that but your reference makes it even more relevant. Thanks! @Anu, I was exploring animal logos at first (the mountain reedbuck antelope specifically, for their agility and elegance) but in the end, I did not like the idea for a leather goods brand. So I just went free and since I like the sea and summer, I came up with logos reminiscent of these. @Hi Clem, I’ll take exoticism and travel anyday :-) Thanks, this is good input! @Diana, thanks! Definitely noted.

  8. hi kunmi def the 1st one it says more abt ur leather work the 2nd one looks more like a fashion label the 1st one is really edgy and different so i say 1st option

  9. First one! Simple, easy to work with in the future. I like the feel. Its always good to have a vector rather than an image. So the second one is quite complicated for a logo! thats my input! let me know what ull choose! muaaaah

  10. Option 1. What better way to rep Las Gidi than a hint of the waterways and sail boats? Numero Uno for me………… a mile! Let’s Go!!!

  11. Hi everyone, thank you so much for taking time to respond. I learned a lot from your comments. In the end, the Minku logo is option 1, because it won the vote 26 to 5 (including two votes that were sent to my inbox). Other reasons:

    – Apparently my friends think I am more an ‘earth’ person (it’s true, I love earth tones), so the natural-looking logo goes more with the person they know (Alicia, Pembe)

    – The brand has a rustic feel, and option 1 may fit this better (Rithika, Jaebin)

    – Lagos. Picture of sailboats with what seems like Third Mainland Bridge in the backdrop really brings home the idea of, you know, Lasgidi (Folarin, Victor)

    – Reproducibility. If the image is going to be reproduced several times, option1 is easier for this purpose than option 2 (Siddhika)

    – Option 1 gives an idea of exoticism and travel to the collections (Clemence)

    – The sense of something different and edgy is better exuded in option 1 (Tolu, Diana)

    – Option 1 for the leather brand that Minku is now, 2 may better suit a future clothing label, who knows? (Dele, Tolu)

    So there it is. Starting August 3 – tomorrow, your Minku orders will come with a Minku logo stamped on to them. Please see tomorrow’s post for a sample. Yay, brandinggggg :-)

    I would really love to get your regular feedback (look how much I have learned from your feedback on just one post, duh!) So to know when there’s a new Minku post, please enter your email address in the ‘Email subscription’ field below. There is no obligation, and you can unsubscribe anytime (though why you would not want some inbox candy in your mailbox a few times a week is totally beyond me :-))

    Best regards, Minku

  12. Late to the party, but I had the exact same thought as Option 1 for leather accessories and 2 for clothing line in the future :)

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