Logo voting results revealed

Hi everyone, thank you so much for taking time to respond. I learned a lot from your comments. In the end, the Minku logo is option 1, because it won the vote 26 to 5 (including two votes that were sent to my inbox).

Other reasons:

– Apparently my friends think I am more an ‘earth’ person (it’s true, I love earth tones), so the natural-looking logo goes more with the person they know (Alicia, Pembe)

– Option 1 may fit the brand’s feel better (Rithika, Jaebin)

– Lagos. Picture of sailboats with what seems like Third Mainland Bridge in the backdrop really brings home the idea of, you know, Lasgidi* (Folarin, Victor)

– Reproducibility. If the image is going to be reproduced for different purposes, option1 is easier for this purpose than option 2 (Siddhika)

– Option 1 gives an idea of exoticism and travel to the collections (Clemence)

– The sense of something different and edgy is better exuded in option 1 (Tolu, Diana)

– Option 1 for the leather brand that Minku is now, 2 may better suit a future clothing label, who knows? (Dele, Tolu)

So there it is. Starting August 3 – tomorrow, your Minku orders will come with a Minku logo stamped on to the leather. It will look like this:

Please see tomorrow’s post for a sample. Yay, brandinggggg :-)

Best regards, Minku

*Lasgidi is the informal name for Lagos, Nigeria

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