Specs and the City

Oh man, I stretched that one a bit.

Two ladies in Barcelona. Laughter, sales-scouting, gist, and a lot of walking. No 500 euro Manolos, as much as it sucks to disappoint those who were hoping for a closer Carrie Bradshaw analogy.

But unforgettable summery times nonetheless.

The pictures were taken by Adim. These were some of the best moments of the summer, hanging around in Barcelona with these two lively darlings.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our bags are by Minku.

Fatima’s earrings and my bronze bracelet are from Seen Global, a retailer that brings together hand-made goods  from artisans worldwide (see their facebook page here).

If you’re in the DC area and feel that Adim’s camerawork is speaking to you, contact me and I’ll contact him and he can do more of what he likes – capturing lovely moments.

xoxo Minku


2 thoughts on “Specs and the City

  1. Great photos! Looks like you two are having a fabulous time in the city. I love the bags and jewelry combo. BTW, I am really looking forward to seeing your second collection. “Pure” has been so much fun.

  2. Thanks Cy, you are so cool :-) I’m dying to put up pics pieces from the next collection as I go, but I have to practice restraint, argh :-S Soon, soon…

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