What’s in a name? Naming a leather goods collection

It’s hard to name a collection. I think for Minku’s first collection, the name ‘Pure’ came easily. A first collection is usually an explosion of pure unschooled ideas, whether for an artist or a designer. In the case of Minku, I just did things as they came to me. I didn’t have as broad a feedback channel as I do now, I just knew I liked a certain aesthetic, and that I love irregularity. I let that guide me.

By the second collection, things change. Generally, craftmanship becomes more refined. Aesthetic may change, too. In the case of Minku, I am continuing to focus on the strengths of the brand… which include gold detailing for everything, ha ha. I’m not the first but I see it as a personal quirk. I still customize with silver or bronze metal detailing on request, though.

There is a lot of work that goes into a leather goods collection. Part of that work is in coming up with a name that ties it all together. Got a few names rolling around in my mind, but who knows?



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