Minku’s style guidelines Part I

It’s NY fashion week, and fashion night out in several cities (NY, Milan, etc). I have been looking at pics and guys we need to cool it, lol. I still feel that anyone can put together an outfit that includes all the trends for the season somewhere in that poor unfortunate single outfit. But what shows real fashion intelligence is presenting oneself to the world in a look that is well put together.

Well put together does not necessarily mean minimal a la Jil Sander or Calvin Klein or Tsemaye Binitie. It can be a parade of prints like a Duro Olowu or Custo Barcelona look. But what matters is that it shows style sense.

Style sense is something that can be honed by viewing images (in magazines, on blogs, of red carpet looks, heck, of yourself in front of the mirror) and asking one’s self what works, what doesn’t, and why. It’s really hard to put down guidelines, because the creative world is such that someone will overrun your guidelines by coming up with a look that is awesome, yet that breaks them.

But I’m gonna try anyway. I’m gonna present some style guidelines.If you break these, tell me how…

1. easy on the makeup. There has been a lot of makeup invented in this world, yet the natural, nude look still tops many designers’ lists when it comes to their models’ looks (Prada is a consistent example).

2. shop for quality, not quantity. The moment you start doing this, many things will happen.

First, your wallet will thank you.

Second, you will eliminate many shopping trips, especially to stores whose prime fabric components are polyester, nylon, acrylic, and other imitative fabrics.

Third, your style standards will magically* rise.

– And fourth, you will attract more of the types of guys/girls you’ll like to date and less of the ones you won’t (this one is not 100% tested).

3. Get one or two unique go-to bags that can complement most of your looks.Check out the Minku shop to see what we’ve got.

4. Spend the time you save up from the aforementioned eliminated shopping trips (2 above) to do a mix-and-match trial in front of a full-length mirror. There are many style bloggers who take pictures of themselves daily doing this; well, the trial helps you open up your own mind to the possibilities of your personal style.

5. Try to keep simplicity as a keyword, and don’t get carried away with the mixing and matching. Not everything will work. Get the second opinion of someone whose style sense you trust, if possible.

6. Go forth in the world with your beautiful self. You are beautiful, trust me. Even without a layer of makeup and the trending clothes in glossier fabric, and especially so.

*plant and animal-based textiles are limited in supply, and thus often cost more. Subsequently, the designers that use them are often more serious and less experimental than those that go for the more disposable fabrics that are cheaper in look and feel. More often than not, the sophistication will transfer to the wearer (you will love the fit, the feel, and the compliments) making you set higher style standards for yourself.

Part II will cover accessories and shoes. You say piecemeal advice, I say heck yeah.


4 thoughts on “Minku’s style guidelines Part I

  1. I love #3 and #4…if only I could do #4 (re eliminating shopping trips). I’ve been ‘editing’ my closet for about 2 years now and it is still not exactly where I want it to be, but there is progress. You’re right about the bag, it does make the outfit unique, so keep making them! ;-x

  2. Lovely article! Love how personal you are wth each of your designs and how they tell a story! My fave from the folklorist would have to be the orange Taiwo Otitoju bag!

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