Songs and praises, a new collection!

Hello and I am happy to introduce to you, ‘Folklorist’, the new Minku collection.

I had such a journey with this. Something about being in/from Africa may have inspired me to go for some animal prints, nothing else would fit. I wanted to weave these prints into a story around Mungo Park, the guy who charted the path of the River Niger, and who also named some fish during his time in Sumeria. I was going to focus on his zoology work and name each bag after one of the fish. The fish names sounded more awesome as they were in Latin.

That didn’t work out; still I loved my leopard-print background and had to find a theme that would tie in the visuals and the bags.

Finally, yesterday I knew I didn’t have any more time to ponder, and I decided to try combining one of the pictures I saw, a fish one, with the leopard spots. It’s busy and not minimalist at all, and I liked it.

At this point it all looked really fantasy to me, this cross between leopard motif and saturated fish pic. I grew up on folklore, both Nigerian and Western, so I named the bags for the authors of some of my favourite folktales.

For me, the ‘Folklorist’ theme ties everything in the collection together nicely – most of the folklore I hear are fantasy of some kind, colourful tales that often involve animals and the sea. I am really satisfied.

You can view the Folklorist collection; of course you know I would love to hear which bags you think you’ll rock and how!


2 thoughts on “Songs and praises, a new collection!

  1. The Blyton bag has my name all over it! I love the way the new stamp contrasts on all of the bags. :-x The ‘Folklorist’ collection is going to be a hit; it feels like an art exhibit…

  2. Ah, and tell me you used to read Enid Blyton too? I went home and saw my E.B. collections and got a bit nostalgic. Write and write so I can add your name to another writers-inspired collection :-) PS Thank you, I’m happy about the ‘Folklorist’ collection too…

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