Who wants the bag with the boring innards?

Who wants the bag with the boring innards?
The one that’s dark inside all year round?

I’ll rather one that lights up my day
A bag that can turn round a day that’s been grey

Enter Minku bags with their burst of happy light
I’m never letting mine out of my sight.

Yeah, some Minku marketing, Poe-style. I’ve been working on more bags, and will have the photos out soon. I tried photographing them myself, starting with the holiday bag you see above. However, Marika will be helping me out over the weekend, as she studied fotografia and her camera kicks behind while mine, well, takes normal pictures.

What do you think of the Fagunwa holiday bag? And of my – ahem – exemplary composing skills?

Make it a fun weekend! xoxo Minku


3 thoughts on “Who wants the bag with the boring innards?

  1. This bag says falalala!! Happy holidays. I probably wouldn’t set out to ask for a colour combination of purple, blue and orange, but now that I see the colours together on the bag here, I would totally, totally have the combination in my choice box. Are the front pockets fabric? The stripe of yellow on orange is stunning…

  2. Thanks Cy :-) When I saw I could combine these colours, I just went for it, it somehow works… the front pockets (and the lining) are made of aso oke, a hand-loomed fabric of the Yorubas. Glad you like it… xoxo

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