The Minku bridal collection is growing…

Last week I made a bag in cream and grey, with some sculpted floral detailing, and lined in polka dots on the inside. When it was done, it made sense that it would join the growing Minku Bridal Collection.

I used to think bridal had to be some otherworldly unattainable and angelic item in the league of this Alexander McQueen dress from last season. Burton may have made this awesome dress in chin-to-toe feathers, but since working in white leather last month, I decided that I enjoyed the feeling of creating something romantic and special too much to wait for Minku to attain the budget of a couture house like McQueen. I figured I would focus on designing bridal bags that are lovely, and that exude romantic awesomeness.

So what I’ve tried to create is a one-of-a-kind little leather darling that I hope will make someone very happy, bride or not :-) And while we’re on the topic of brides, what do brides store in their purses on their wedding day? A pen to sign a lifelong agreement? Some lip gloss? A cell phone from which to tweet ‘I’m now Mrs.’? Your thoughts would be very welcome.

Do you like my black nail polish? It was a birthday gift from the lovely Mahima. I love it. My scrawny nails get some goth love.

xoxo Minku


2 thoughts on “The Minku bridal collection is growing…

  1. This bag is very pretty! Love it. I am attached to the use of the leather bow accessory that comes on some Minku bags from the first collection (so this one gets a lot of points because of that); and the colour combo on this bag is nice for an after-the-wedding look as well. I have lots of jokes about what one should put in a wedding handbag: a city train map for that last minute cold feet escape, mad money for a quick flight after cancelling the wedding… ;-x The bride won’t have to change her handbag though, because it will still go with jeans and a pair of chucks.

  2. Your comment is hilarious re what brides put in their bags. Be nice :-) j/k Yes, this is a versatile clutch as you noted, and I love making and adding those bow accessories. There’s often something missing on the bag but then when I place them, they always complete the look of the bag. I always enjoy reading your comments, Cy!

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