Minku at Changing Room

On December 17, 2011, Minku got the chance to join 24 other Spanish and international fashion brands in a unique showcase in the heart of Barcelona Spain.

The event was Changing Room, a biannual pop-up store of sorts sponsored this year by Moritz, Bugaboo Strollers, Hotel Chic & Basic, Illy Coffee, GG, and the city of Barcelona. Hand-finished leather goods from Minku were on show in room 21, with handbags, men’s luggage, wallets, and cases for iPad, Kindle and smart phone that combined soft leathers with exciting Nigerian fabrics.

The Minku room was lit and airy. From the hallway, visitors were drawn in by attractive bags hanging from the wall of curtains.  Entering the room, they could get an immediate feel for what Minku is about, and the materials used.

Very many people came to the event. The advertising for it, from magazine interviews to fancy posters hanging from lampposts, was nicely done. The collection was enthusiastically received, marking a nice end to a busy year at Minku.

Here are some pictures of people who came to the Minku room.

Changing Room was immense fun for us at Minku. We met lots of people, the brand was well received, and it was a lovely chance to see what other designers, both international (from the UK, Norway, Sweden, France) and from other parts of Spain are up to. Thank you to everyone who came!

xoxo, Minku


2 thoughts on “Minku at Changing Room

  1. Changing Room seems like a great opportunity and lots of fun.
    What are the two bags at the first set of three photos, third photo? They look awesome.

  2. Hi Cy! Thanks, it was :-) Those are new bags, the Tosin bags. They are super basic and fun, exploring color + form, and complementing the Fagunwa bags in color scheme. I’ll send some pictures to you soon. I feel a festive closing line is in place, so here goes: good tidings to you :-)

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