Top Twelve posts of 2011

In a few days, the 11th year of the 21st century will come to an end. Here at Minku, the year was well documented through work posts, social commentary-styled posts, product-design-process posts, and pictures: of people, places, and bags, lots of them. The top ten remind you and us of the journey so far…

12 A bag for all seasons: 100% male

11 A reminder of the early days, before the discovery of the awl et cetera: Today I made a hole by hand

10 Because together, decisions are better: please vote

9 A bag that is loved by all: The Fagunwa Bag in red-hot-red

8 Minku’s first time in print: Matters of the Press: Minku in ThisDay Newspaper

7 Memories of an idyllic summer: Specs and the City

6 Pictures that  captured a lovely event: Crisismas y mas y mas Venta de Navidad private market (contd.)

5 Some Minku reporting: The Shopping Night Barcelona 2011: Review + pictures

4 Because we’ve all dealt with hang-ups about our awesome bods: How I learned…

3 Smiling is important. Let me count the ways: The Smile Manifesto, by Minku

2 Space! Space, I tell ya! Minku at Changing Room

1 The most searched, marking Minku as a new yet trustworthy player in leather research: Hot stamping on leather – how to


Which posts did you wish had been included, and which ones are listed here that you don’t care much for?

A hug and a kiss, Minku


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