full Lagosian poshness…

When I was about seven years old, I asked my folks, are we rich? They laughed. We lived in a bungalow on a picturesque island that formed part of government employee housing. For me, rich meant living in a ‘house with stairs’ like my classmate did. Thinking of it now, I had quite some interesting ideas about how to measure wealth.

Forget wealth – Lagosian poshness is something to behold. It is the trail of  perfume left by a woman headed to her daughter’s graduation. It is the immaculately manicured fingernails of an NYSC corper. It is the leather-soled tapered shoes of the guy who fixes your air conditioner.

Forget wealth – good taste is poshness’ best friend, and in Lagos, it has long since found a home. So where better to unveil a limited collection of hand-finished Minku leather bags and purses than the home of immaculate good taste itself?

This collection is coming to Lagos in June. Sign up to be updated on where and when to shop it. Or shop the rest of the Minku collection, with shipping provided worldwide.


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