Minku new collection feature: Shomolu bag

Three r’s: rigid. round. ravishing.

Okay, I admit I ran out of r-words after word number two. But the Minku Shomolu bag, with its rigid leather, excitingly bold aso-oke inner flap, and double-secure closure of snap-button and main zipper just might be the best bag secret of the summer.

Here are the deets on the Shomolu bag:

– Everytime you open the flap, that burst of colours would make you smile. Like, seriously :-)

– If you pin a brooch onto it, you can dress up an otherwise city bag.

– I can make it in neon orange, green, blue, red, black, and a few other colours with rigid leather available.

– It’s 100% cow leather. The strap is adjustable and can be leather or fabric.

– The bag is fully lined with a thick contrast fabric. It also has a smaller inner compartment to hold your card and keys.

– View more pictures of the Minku Shomolu bag, or order it here.


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