Minku – Time Out Magazine – Barcelona

Some great news courtesy of the ‘Botigues’ section of Time Out Barcelona magazine.

This week, the Botigues page focused on design out of Africa.

Next to cool cats like Mama Benz and Artlantique was Minku, hanging around, trying to be cool.

Who knows if we’ll ever be as sexy as Artlantique, where old fishing boats are turned into items of furniture, or as cute as Sawa shoes, with that lovely cutout of the African map on the bottom of each shoe?

I’m just happy about the state of African design, and that the cool people of Time Out Barcelona think we’re doing good work.

I forgot to scan the cover page of the magazine. I’ll get to it, but it’s the Sant Joan issue (June 21-27), available in most newsstands in Barcelona and the Catalunya region, and packed with information like where to learn to make your own Coca de Sant Joan (pg 10) and the lineup for the excellent Cap Roig festival (pg 33), where I watched Rufus Wainright perform live in 2010.

Thanks to Laia Beltran and Eugenia Sendra for making this feature possible.

Translated, the text reads:


Designer Kunmi O lives in Barcelona, but her fountain of inspiration is Nigeria, her home country. She designs (and makes by hand) fantastic leather bags filled with colour and fine details. Like her vibrant necklaces, which pay homage to the beaches of Lagos.”

Featured Minku items (l-r): Minku 100% Male travel bag, Minku neckwear, Minku Eti-Osa leather bag. Shop them at http://shop.minkudesign.com/


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