Top ten uses of a summer bag

1- depending on its size, stuff your towel in it as you head to the beach. Keep it away from water – nobody said it will be 100% practical :-)
2- Store your music player in its front pocket, nod Ally McBeal style on the metro or at the traffic light.
3- Hide surprise cookies for your children, reveal cookies after work. Stock up on (even more) mummy points.
4- Keep wallet securely in zipped inner compartment. This is Barcelona afterall.
5- Show your intellectually-stylish side. Unapologetically.
6- Keep your dancing shoes. Head to salsa do after work.
7- Carry flip flops for a lunchtime walk along Barceloneta beach.
8- Go old-school and carry your camera around. Capture moments and scenery spectacularly lit by the Mediterranean summer sun.
9- Bring a harmonica to unexpected places. Sit and play a tune.
10- Store a 50cl bottle of water and some seriously chic sunshades. Winter is over. They’ll come in handy.

on the beach in Sitges, June 2012

You still have a few days of summer left in the year, so grab a timeless Minku bag from our web site and update us with comments on how you’re using yours.

Or shop our wintery bags that are always summery inside!


2 thoughts on “Top ten uses of a summer bag

  1. They seem so old school with all the alternative, lighter-weight, bundled photo-taking devices available now. And a harmonica is a dreamy instrument, ensured to draw a crowd if one dares! Thanks for your comment Cy :-)

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