Preview into new Minku work

Who likes a chic, petite, hard-based bag with top handles, full leather lining, a zipped inner pocket, and a touch of damask on the inside?

From the look of the latest Minku bag release, it seems this is a silhouette we’re currently diggin’!

I am not one to shy away from some old fashioned hand-stitching, and this has been a labor of love as far as atelier outputs go.

I am quite pleased with the bag, I am working on it in some more colours (green, silver, black…) one and then the other, and soon they’ll be ready to be shown in all their glory…

Love reading your feedback, please share wih your friends, and invite them to sign up for our holiday giveaway here.



2 thoughts on “Preview into new Minku work

  1. Please send me more info. about the pink bag – leather. other colors, size etc. Love the style – east to find stuff! Rosa

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