The Minimalist

You won’t see me going all Jil Sander with the bags anytime soon (read: there will always be merry colours and textures and visible stitching, whether on the bag exteriors or interiors) but in other operational ways, I am seeing how less is more is an awesome mantra to go by. When part of your design thinking includes paring things down to their essence, you learn to ask the more important and interesting questions, like ‘what is the most vital thing I want to say to my audience?’ Sometimes, it means more work, but I am not fazed by that. The message should always come first.

The first evidence of my budding minimalisme is that the Collection pages (Spring/Summer year X, etc) are gone. Gone, gone, gone. I will clean them up and put them back up or maybe I won’t, but for now, if you would like to see the bags, please head to the e-store… or browse through the bag details category of the blog — any bag-lover’s paradise.

The second evidence is the Minku table at the Holiday Market today. I had max two bags out at a time, the others were in a compact drawer arrangement in their dustbags, behind the display. When you have a square metre of space to say everything you want to say about your product, what you don’t say becomes just as important as what you do say. I had the Holiday Guide printed out to help people see the bags at a glance, and point out which ones they wanted me to bring. Kind of like a restaurant menu, applied in a leather goods context.

Note: Investors, clients and Friends of Minku can expect to receive the shoppable holiday guide this Monday. It would be made available to subscribers later in the week.





It’s December, and our Holiday Giveaway raffle draw is just six days away! Find out how to enter here.


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