Day One of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

I try to be realistic about what design means: hours of hand-stitching through multiple layers of leather, deep into the night and often with only soft rock on the radio to keep me company. And so on. For me it’s the fun part, but I also enjoy exhibiting the work I’ve been doing.


This week, we are getting the chance to do just that at Minku. Before seeing the Mango fashion show, Angela and I were at the showroom area, welcoming visitors to the Minku stand.


One of the visitors to today’s showroom was Artur Mas, president of the Generalitat de Catalunya. For me one of the best things that happened today was that while we were walking to the station after the mango afterparty, two men that had also attended the event started talking to us and asking if we’d liked the Mango show and how we were associated with fashion. I said I was there exhibiting a brand, Minku. One of them is a quite known TV3 personality that I don’t know (I need to view more local TV), and said ‘You work for Mango or Minku?’ I said Minku. You don’t know it yet.

Then the other guy flashed something. It was two cards from his pocket: a parking card but also a Minku card and he asked if that was me. He said they’d both gone around the showroom to see all the work and that was the only business card he’d picked up there because he loved my work. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Coupled with a thousand happy smileys, that’s all I can say. Something good is going to come out of all this hard work and sacrifice, not just sacrifice made by me, but also by all the family and friends that keep egging me on and supporting me in all the ways that they can.

In other news I am quite delighted that I don’t have to work tomorrow. I have 080 work but that’s my cool, fun work. Today I was practically sleeping standing up. Here is a poor imitation of that:


And now it is 3:20 am and time for a real imitation of sleep.

Thanks, guys!


10 thoughts on “Day One of 080 Barcelona Fashion Week

  1. aaaahhhh!!! keep on doing so well! you get it! something good is coming, I am sure! I wish to all of you luck and good energy for these days! a huge hug izaskun

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