Humphrey Bogart or me: Who wore it better?

My life hasn’t really been the same since I watched Casablanca a couple of years ago. Not just sartorially speaking, but also in terms of my use of certain phrases best associated with the movie. “Play it again, Sam”, which was never actually said ad verbum; but also “Here’s looking at you, kid.”

So yeah, today. Walked around El Born, stumbled into store around the corner from some of my El Born browsing favourites, spoke with its incredibly cool owner Susana, spotted coat, tried it on, the rest is history.


I just juxtaposed a picture of myself next to one of the great Humphrey Bogart. While I let that sink in, I would ask you to pray tell, pray tell: who wore this high-collar, flap-and-strap-heavy, trench-or-not look better?

PS If you see me on the street and it’s fall/winter there is a 33.33% chance that I will be wearing this coat. This was an unusual buy for me, I usually get one fall coat and wear it until it falls apart.

I’m not kidding you when I say there were some lovely sales going on at Azpeleta Boutique. Please do self favour and like page and visit subsequently. It’s on Guillem 3 in El Born, Barcelona.












6 thoughts on “Humphrey Bogart or me: Who wore it better?

  1. Humphrey Bogart pales next to this rendition of the classic! That is a great coat. The fabric looks very soft in the photo and the colour is a great neutral.

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