Photo diary: Bottles Restaurant, Lagos

After a busy Social Media Week outing, my amazing sister suggested, “we can go to Bottles…” to which I responded “heck, yeah!” so off we went.

Something about Bottles on Wednesday nights – it’s either the menu specials or the live band, but it was another Wednesday and the music greeted us from the entrance where a lady sat selling uncharacteristically unique bracelets and keyholders, and couples mingled where their whispers could at least be heard and their accents understood.


Inside, I spotted a lady in a Hello Kitty outfit I had to capture, and mouthed the lyrics to some Spanish classics, perhaps a sign of my language progress since 2011. A man, shirt tucked into jeans, fauxhawk bobbing to the beat, pumped his fist in the air as he followed an impassioned rendition of Domenico Modungo’s En el azul pintado de azul (likely known to you as Volare).


Now I will be going to Lagos more often and I hope to find more places like Bottles (please feel free to suggest some!) that can give me a steady experience of musical epiphanies like this, that I didn’t necessarily experience, but always imagined.

Bottles is located at 8 Imam Agusto Close, Lagos.

Eko k’o ni baje.


2 thoughts on “Photo diary: Bottles Restaurant, Lagos

  1. You should check out for cool places like Bottles that suit your musical interest. In your case, you can discover places to go based on your interest in “live music” for example.

  2. Hi Rob, thanks for leaving a comment. You guys have something cool going on with afriscover! Thank you for sharing the link, and I look forward to checking out some of the hangout spots you guys covered.

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