Viernes is bag day III: Isolu wrist clutch

Items I take with me when jogging: A small blue and purple Minku wallet in which I store my keys and my smartphone. Smartphone for music (I’m old-school). Some change in case I stop by the grocery store afterwards.

A wallet or clutch with a wrist strap is great for things like jogging because you can wear it and hold it at the same time. If it is compact and has a secure zip fastener, all the better.


I like the Isolu writst clutch because it seems to check off all these requirements with ease. With its durable cowskin, it will also only look better and better with time.

If you need something small to store your essentials, or even if you want to give your everyday wallet a break, I think this is a fun solution (how many ways can you tie it?) You can get it online here. Also I am thinking of making some in neon (pink and yellow; blue and orange contrasts) to match some jogging sneakers. Who’s in? :-)



2 thoughts on “Viernes is bag day III: Isolu wrist clutch

  1. Ahh I thought I replied already. Maybe on your blog I did. Thanks, this is so cool :-) Have to get round to answering the question too soon, I guess! Un besito

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