Viernes is Bag Day IV: The Minku Messenger Bag in Teal

Some bags are just easy-peasy and laid back, taking their time and not demanding too much attention. Their allure is in the relaxing combination of materials and the comfort and functionality they afford.

This describes the Minku messenger bag. Napa leather in a cool teal shade is combined with hand stitching and an unexpected oversize zipper. Its 1.3 meter-long strap is adjustable… and in a matching leather, not cotton, unusual for a strap of such length.

IMG_2866_1 IMG_2881_1

I’m making the second version of this bag, with exactly the same colours and features.


The first one found a home in the States (I want to say Connecticut) via Barcelona, and the second will be local. Messenger bags have been kind of ‘in’ at Minku, and you can see this bag in other colours here. Spread your wings, little messengers, and fly…

Love and warm wishes for a happy weekend,


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