Viernes is Bag Day VI: Gbonyin backpack

For the past few weeks, I have been working with model Alexandra to give more 3D life to the bags from our Fall/Winter 2013 collection. One of my favourite pictures is of her modeling the Gbonyin backpack:


Gbonyin is a region in Ekiti state. This backpack is a heady combination of copper-hued leather, aubergine-dyed hide and an aso-oke in midnight blue. The deep brown reinforced and adjustable leather straps only serve to complete the picture.

Gbonyin2_Minku Gbonyin3_Minku

The bag has a front pocket that zips and buttons for double security. And because I like to dream up surreal experiences, this is probably the only bag you will see where the drawstrings are made of furry hide. The caveat is that the bronze colour of the bag will fade off over time. I only found this out after buying the leather, and had to drop the price some upon this realization, though I can imagine the aged metallic look to have some deconstructed appeal.

So what do you think of the Gbonyin backpack? Love it? Hate it? Have a grandma or daughter who’ll rock it? You can find the bag in the online store here. Also check out Alexandra breathing oxygen into other bags in our e-store!


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