Viernes is Bag Day VII: Oye clutch

The Oye clutch was a result of one of those ‘follow the leather’ bag-making experiences. As in, I only have this much of leathers x and y, but I love the combination of this muted grey with that ochre… and dang, look what happens with some red stitching!


Bagmaking, maroquinerie if you’re french ;-), really is a lot of fun. As if I hadn’t had enough fun with the exterior of the bag, I got to choose a damask, cut it to match the irregular shape of the Oye clutch, and then hand-stitch it to the interior.


The Oye clutch has this detachable chain strap that screams ‘glam’ but not too hard, and the bag takes some courage to wear, because of its irregular choice of colours. Courage is something our model Alexandra is definitely not lacking, as she works the bag like she was born to do this:


Everything’s new in the Minku shop, design-wise. So check out the Oye clutch in the newly designed Minku e-store (still a few tweaks left here and there) and read the technical note on the redesign in the next blog post! Happy Friday.


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