Viernes is Bag Day VIII: Bariga tote

Big bags are here to stay. Think of it — a trusty leather holdall that would go with you from work to evening drinks, and hold everything including your change of shoes, lighter and a Kindle for the train ride.

Into the company of big bags at Minku, I am happy to introduce the Bariga Tote.


Bariga. Four years old and we were living in Apapa, Lagos. My older sister had a blue plastic tricycle that she would turn upside down (I don’t know why, but that detail remains lucid) and sit on like she was a bus driver and conductor. She would shout, in the manner of bus conductors of the then-ubiquitous yellow mass transit buses in Lagos, “Bariga, Bariga, straight — Abule junction.” I would feign being a woman in a hurry to get on the bus, and hop on to the ‘passenger seat’ of the upturned tricycle.

I don’t even remember if our makeshift bus moved an inch, and we’ve traded zip codes a few times since then, but I still hear my sister’s six year old voice saying “Bariga, Bariga, straight — Abule junction.”


The Bariga bag would soon be available in a few more colours, with this consistent size of 43cm X 37cm X 14cm. You can find it in the Minku store.


This month, my sister, she to whom I attribute some of my earliest memories of play and learning, asked me some tough questions, like “What is the financial potential for a company like yours?” akin to asking a PhD student “when will you get your degree?” I answered all, out of big love and because she might pull my nose if I didn’t ;-) You can read the interview here. Happy Friday.


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