This is an informal tech update. I’ve been doing some housekeeping on the Minku homepages. Just some cleanups code- and usability-wise that I hope make your browsing experience a bit smoother.

– Proper archiving of back-issues of Yonderland.

– As gift-buying season approaches, created new categories to include gift ideas from €40-100, and gift ideas under €40.

– general cleaning up of product categories.

– Inclusion of a Shipping & Returns policy page.

News page cleanup; incorporation of the blog (ongoing).

– Sold-out items were starting to get in the way. They’re now on the last ‘products’ pages. Some products like the red Ebute Metta wallet in cracked, glossed leather and the skinny cadavera belt are back in stock.

– In case you didn’t notice, a new homepage slide, just for Halloween 2013!


Happy November to you!

<3 Minku


2 thoughts on “housekeeping

  1. Hi. Can your products be delivered to Nigeria? And can they be bought online? If they can be delivered to Nigeria, how many days does it take?

  2. Hi @ImpurfectHer, thanks for your email! Yes, I deliver to Nigeria, it will take 7-10 business days. You can place an order online, shipping is calculated as you checkout. But if you prefer, I can take you through the process. I’ve sent you an email with some details. Best regards, Kunmi

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