Autumn/Winter 2014-15 collection notes – Part I

I’ve been virtually unavailable the past two and a half months, holed away in the atelier, working. Creating is an introspective process for me. I have always been quite introspective, observing things then writing or doodling, and reading, always reading. The combination of moving away from home from a young age (16, to attend university in the States) and possessing aforementioned introspection meant that I came into an understanding of myself from quite an early age.

Creating takes me to some kind of nirvana of self-understanding.

AW 2014-15 photoshoot eve. Photo by Cristina Ramirez

Anyway, now that I’ve put that random observation out there, I’ll write a bit about the Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection. Many of you know that I make all the items under the Minku label myself. That includes not just the bags, but also accessories like necklaces. It includes selecting, combining, cutting and sewing the fabric for each item of clothing. For the ‘small’ designer, designing is a fancy word for doing-it-yourself. All of it. Well, until you take an order of dozens from a store or a stockist, at which point trying to make it all yourself in addition to your other design tasks can be just bad for your hands, body and soul.

I started making clothing as part of the Minku line for the SS 2012-13 collection, because for the photoshoots, I wanted to tell the whole Minku story, not have Zara tell some parts of it for me (bag by Minku, shirt by Zara, you catch my drift). So far, it has been a lovely journey. I feel now that when I create a look on a model, it’s the complete Minku look. It was my search for this complete Minku look for the FW 2014-15 collection that led me to create the first Minku jacket.

I played around with things like the darts, and unexpected shiny detail, and an asymmetric coattail, and fold-up sleeves. I am very happy with this jacket. I sometimes say I don’t really enjoy clothesmaking (bags are more my thing) but I do enjoy seeing the end-result, and photographing it on my models (here pictured is Alexandra Silverio), who make it worth the while.


Also notice the bag, it’s an Ado bag, not quite as big as the Ado weekender, but long, goodness, this is a long bag. With Eleko Wave ruffles on the front.



2 thoughts on “Autumn/Winter 2014-15 collection notes – Part I

  1. the work in the end is a totally minku look and it is great! i agree that it is better to create a total minku look to presents even only the bags. think that, at last, this is the way that most of branch started their way long time ago… congratulations and hugs

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