Happy New Year 2014

The past week has been amazing and interesting.

I am currently doing some production work. I went to work with a tailor today to sew some linings for the bags and it was an interesting experience. I was a bit sad to tell the truth, the guy was restless and kept throwing me ideas without listening to what I wanted to do. And just the way he was careless with the materials, throwing the thread, not caring that the oil he used to oil his machine stained the leather, the state of his fingernails… it was clear we might not be a happy working couple. It’s not that hard though, to just do a neat job. Is it? Or to instill confidence in people who come to your shop, by just approaching the work in a relaxed manner?

Today we’re on Tech Cabal, Venture Beat and Founders Grid. And yesterday I gave a talk to employees at Jobberman at their Speaker Series. I am very grateful for all these opportunities and beautiful things.

Ahhh I am working a lot though. But hearing me talk about how much work I am doing is not why you visit this blog, right? Ah well, too bad, and too late :-)

Love to you guys, thank you for your support and love always, and if you are in Barcelona next week, please come to El Born because we will be there at the pop-up stores in Barcelona Fashion Week.



It’s the last day of 2013. I hope that as you reflect on the year, you find yourself finding reasons to be happy and to think it was a good year, but also that you have reasons to look forward to 2014.

Last weekend, my uncle came to visit. We watched me (meeee!!!!) doing an interview on Silverbird TV’s breakfast show (my uncle recorded the whole thing on his phone), and then my siblings and I headed to the beach with him, his wife, and my cousins.

My mum packed us some food, and when we got to the beach (at about 10 in the morning), we rented a bamboo hut for the day. We went horseback riding, ate, and napped. I taught my cousins how to use the digital SLR camera and they took some of the most fabulous of the picture selection below. We also danced; there’s always music on the beach in Lagos, and all my fave musicians now were covered: Olamide, Wande Coal, Wizkid…

It’s nice going to the beach in Nigeria because those huts are so convenient and help you stay out of the sun!

Happy New Year everyone.


Eight years old and heading to school with a yellow plastic box with a red handle and red slide-closures. I may have looked like I was at the height of school-girl fashion but my bullying classmates (both grown into nice young men now) didn’t think so. For some reason there wasn’t enough space for the box beside or beneath my desk, so it was somehow decided that it should go behind me, on my chair. Yes, leaving only about two-thirds the space of the chair to sit on.

It was like a gift to the bullies, who always made sure to get the seat behind me during extension class. While the teacher taught on about the difference between an adverb and an adjective, a raucous thud would distract her mid-sentence. The bullies had slid my box – books, stationery, empty lunch bag, and all – to the floor. For some reason, I always got the glare from the teacher when it was obvious these troublemakers were behind it all, literally speaking…

It was when they graduated to running after my younger sisters until they fell that said siblings and I devised The Plot to beat them up, one that is still talked about in our household years later…

Parents, now  you know. I think school boxes are out of fashion by now, but if you were considering one, may I suggest an alternative? The Scalloped Love Minku bag won’t make a sound if it was dropped to the floor during class by mischief-seeking classmates. Its secure metal zipper would ensure that all content stays inside it even if it’s dropped. And its unique, artsy style is perfect for a young girl who would like, as we all do at that age, to stand out from the crowd!

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2014

  1. I told him sister is a designer she made this (all proud to have this sister that makes such unique stuff and actually proud that some Nigerians have the discerning eye to notice the subtly fab bag) and he ignored all that and asked for my contact. So I said, “phone number? mine or my sister’s?” lol.

    But yeah, another bag has gotten a bit of attention – you know the little ones with the very simple cut? Can you keep doing those?

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