080 Barcelona Fashion Week Day 2: Manuel Bolano FW2014-15 show, etc

The highlight of today was Manuel Bolaño’s show. Unlike other seasons when I understood what he was trying to say and had the vocabulary to crack his fashion code (Amish-ness one season; sweet Lolita Japanese subculture another), this season, I find myself drawing blanks.

Colour blocking awesomeness? Nah, he’s more profound than that. 80s bouffant hairdos? Nah, there’s more. New York quirky-eclecticism meets California laidback cool? We might have something there. Maybe this season, he just wanted to chill. Not have any codes. Just be a modern designer making clothes, like Kenzo or Krizia or Just Cavalli.

IMG_8105 IMG_8107 IMG_8121 IMG_8126 IMG_8132 IMG_8134 IMG_8138 IMG_8153 IMG_8160 IMG_8167 IMG_8171 IMG_8181 IMG_8182 IMG_8188 IMG_8194 IMG_8196 IMG_8206

Not that we won’t still file into the hall in hordes if he decided to go all no-codes on us. But he’s more fun when he gives us codes to crack. Just sayin’.


I think the organizers of 080 really struck gold using the Centro Cultural as the venue for Fashion Week. Barcelona excels in decisions like that, combining its rich architecture and history with contemporary events. Where else could a designer coming out for the final bow be made to look so iconic? Like he’s literally watching over all the models.


After the show, it was off to my exhibition stand, which was visited by lots of lovely people. Meeting people, or just observing their interactions with the bags, is where much of the fun lies, for me. I managed to get some pictures of people who I talked to for a bit, and who were kind enough to not mind me photographing them:

IMG_8077 IMG_8232

At some point i got a wee bit tired and began to pass my time as I have done through elementary school, high school and university: by doodling. I doodled a lot in that fashion magazine.


Tomorrow’s gonna be another full day at the fashion week and I very much look forward to it. As long as i move my being closer to the heater, I think I should be just fine!



3 thoughts on “080 Barcelona Fashion Week Day 2: Manuel Bolano FW2014-15 show, etc

  1. Nice… I also didn’t understand what I saw up there, but they sure look beautiful, just too brightly coloured for my liking lol

  2. Yes, here’s a quote he released. it’s characteristically cryptic: “Tenía el silencio para conversar y la soledad era mi compañera, entonces sucedió lo inesperado, y sonreí, tu también mirabas y te vi. Nos fundimos por un rato. Que suerte llegar a conocerte, gran jugada del destino. Nos dimos un beso con los ojos abiertos, la mirada en el cielo y los pies en la tierra. Sintiendo tu pelo en mis manos, te dejas acariciar y sonríes. No me digas nada, sólo abrázame. Una luz hermosa inunda mi corazón, ahora tú serás mi compañera”

    (I had silence to converse with and solitude as my partner, then the unexpected happened, and I smiled, you also looked and I saw you. Our eyes locked for a bit. How lucky I am to know you, what a great twist of fate. We kissed with our eyes open, eyes to the sky and feet planted on the ground. Feeling your hair in my hands, you welcome my caresses and smile. Don’t say a word, just hug me. My heart lights up; henceforth you;ll be my companion…)

    Well, between my translation and his crypticism, good luck understanding that one ;-P

    @ImpurfectHer, who cares about understanding? :-)

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