080 Barcelona Fashion Week Day 3: Josep Abril, some Custo, etc

On Day 3 of Barcelona Fashion Week, I went to see the Txell Miras and Josep Abril shows.

Yesterday was my second Josep Abril show. One thing you should know is that Josep Abril is one of the only exclusively menswear designers on the annual 080 roster. His work has a beautiful asymmetry going on. I also just saw that along with his wife Alessia Zoppis, he has a line designing executive uniforms (called Uniformed By). This explains the maître d’, chef, and waiter inspired outfits that occasionally made their way down Josep’s runway.

The outfits and models were beautiful. For the duration of the show, I was positioned next to three female models who were evidently in the same modeling agency as several of the young models coming down the runway. Whenever Jon walked by them, two of them would holler, “Eyyyy, Jon, waooooooooooow, go Jon!!” Or for Michael: “Oooooooh, Michael. Yeah, go Michael!!” You could tell it was an annoyance to some other guests who just wanted to enjoy the show and the live jazz trio performing in the backdrop. They were also distracting their co-workers, right when they were walking towards the photographers’ section! I didn’t mind too much, it was nice to see some (American) models having fun :-)


The models Josep sent down his runway were gorgeous. Each had a tuft of red hair, and wore red socks. The presentation was sophisticated: live music, the models’ gait conveyed a youthful hipster energy, and the clothes were exciting and experimental, in fabrics that made me want to touch. If I were a guy, after yesterday’s show, I would add Josep Abril to my list of places to shop for ready to wear.

IMG_8408 IMG_8416 IMG_8417

I came in by the time the hall was full, and didn’t get a good seat, hence the not-great pictures. But Fucking Young has all the pictures form the collection. Also you can visit the Josep Abril web site to find some of their Barcelona stockists.

On the exhibiting floor, things were nice. Minku is getting overwhelmingly positive response here and I look forward to seeing where things lead. It makes sense to be showing here, the energy suits our vibe.


I stayed back for the Custo Barcelona show, which started around 8:30pm. I watched it from my stand, on the big screen.


Afterwards it rained cats and dogs. I somehow made it home.



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