Minku in Forbes today

I often spend hours lost in the pages of Forbes. It’s a cool place to find out about running a successful business, mostly by reading what others are doing right and how they are doing it.

Today we’re in Forbes. Not because we have ‘made it’ but because maybe somehow we are doing a few things right. Every year they release a list of ’30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa’. This year, we made it to this list.


According to the writer, who compiled the list,

There has never been a more inspired generation of young Africans. These builders, innovators and risk takers are fervent in their resolve to transform the continent. They are solving critical socio-economic problems, exporting African culture to the world, creating job opportunities for Africans, re-telling Africa’s stories, and writing the future.

“Following a request I made last week, I received over 800 nominations for this year’s tally of Africa’s brightest young entrepreneurs under age 30.

“I present to you Africa’s brightest young entrepreneurs. These are the ones who are making the most dramatic impact in Africa today in manufacturing, technology, real estate, media & entertainment, financial services, agriculture, fashion and the service industry.

– Mfonobong Nsehe, Contributor, Forbes

Three years ago, I figured that the secret of aso-oke fabric was too beautiful to keep just within our culture, and that it had to be shared with others. Others who may never get to wear traditional Yoruba dress around their heads or waists, but who carry that most universal of fashion needs – bags.

The journey since then has been remarkable on a personal and professional level. It is humbling to be considered from among over eight hundred young African entrepreneurs. The ’30 under 30′ list is not just a Nigerian list — it is a continent-wide list on the Forbes site. It is encouraging to be acknowledged for “exporting African culture to the world, re-telling Africa’s stories, and (I would like to think ;-P) writing the future.”

Thank you to you reading this for following me on this journey so far and helping me make Minku become a reality.

The full list of Forbes’ 30 Under 30: Africa’s Best Young Entrepreneurs 2014 is here.

Best regards always


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