What it’s like in the MAC hot seat

I woke up from a siesta two hours ago and came to a gradual recollection of what had transpired this morning:


I had a 30-minute make-up class at the MAC counter of my local mall. I have often gazed curiously at the ladies in the makeup chair in MAC, Sephora, etc, as their faces are transformed by artists working masterfully with brush and colour. Well, last week, as I was leaving the mall, a lady at the MAC counter stopped me and asked if I would like to sign up for their makeup class. I acquiesced, and an appointment was booked for this morning.


What MAC has is a cool idea for acquiring new clients. Instead of waiting for their repeat clients to replenish their stock, an approach like this helps them get new clients like me that normally won’t stop by MAC, and to introduce them to a broad range of products they might not know about otherwise. For example, all the products you see on the table foreground went onto my face today.

The way the MAC class works is that you pay a registration fee (here, 35 euros for a 30-minute class). During the class, the makeup consultant explains details of everything she is applying, the type of brush she is using and why, etc. She also gets your feedback on each step (at least my makeup consultant, Gloria, did. She was very cool). At the end, your sign-up fee is reimbursed to you in the form of MAC products.

I favour that whole nude-look thing, but like the winged effect on the eyes. Actually, now that I look at the picture I took with Gloria at the end of the class, we pretty much like the same things, he he. I had her keep amping up the thickness of the eyeliner round the external edges. I never really got that anglicized Cleopatra look out of my system, I guess :-)

The only part of my look I wasn’t a big fan of was my Cara Delevingenesque thickened brows. There is a pencil that exists for the sole purpose of filling out brows. Really. Not to draw an eyebrow line (eye pencil) like we Naijas like to do, sometimes to the point of extremity, but to colour in the eyebrow space, like pencil vs. paintbrush. It is all very cool, makeup is artistry. Gloria wanted to wipe off the brow filler but it didn’t matter too much.

I might be societally obliged to wear more makeup than lip gloss soon, so it was nice to learn what makeup I like, from a specialist. At the end, I selected the MAC Penultimate eye liner and MAC Lustre Lipstick ‘Viva Glam IV’. I hope to remember to use them, and to take out the eye liner at night.

My verdict: I wanted the nude look, but a lot of time and effort still goes into creating the nude effect we see on celebs and newscasters, as I found out. There is a concealer used to blur out dark circles and make the light fall flat on the region below the eyes, for example. When I saw the effect, I could understand it, but being so used to the way my eyes are, it was hard to embrace it. I looked a bit like a doll. It is normal to have some uneven colouring and texture around the eyes.

What they say about MAC is true: the makeup is very light, i.e. not greasy or heavy, and doesn’t weigh down or cake up the skin (see what I did there, those phrasal verbs? ;-)) I touched my face and it didn’t feel like there was a layer of stuff. It felt more or less like my moisturized face on a normal day.

Have you tried MAC products, or taken a MAC makeup class? How was your experience?


PS I guess disclaimers like this are in place for product reviews: I’m writing this review because I want to share my experience; I don’t think the MAC folks know I’m writing it. I will tweet it and tag them, though.


4 thoughts on “What it’s like in the MAC hot seat

  1. Great post, lovely read! I wear them Studio fix fluid and I really do love it! I’M going to have to explore some more . Sounds like the clsss you had is great fun! X

  2. Thanks Rosie. I am glad you liked the post… and are already familiar with MAC! Yes, the class was great fun :-) If you explore any more MAC products, i am curious to know which. Best regards.

  3. I have not had a MAC class; you look great!
    The MAC counter always looks like exciting things are going on there. Fun!

  4. Thanks Sara! Yeah, I’d say try out the class, particularly if you’re looking for new makeup to try. The colours matched my darker skintone, too. Big hugs and enjoy your travels!

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