Lions and tigers and bears, oh my… visit to the Lekki Conservation Center

I love the Lekki Conservation Center: they have animals, but you only see the non-threatening ones. And they have a swing:


We went up the tree house.  This was a bigger challenge than it looks, because that part of the trail was damaged from a tree that had fallen, and the two Canadian designers of the Conservation Center/trail were actually there with their work crew, preparing to fix the broken trail. We talked with them for a bit — it turns out that one of them also designed/built the Kakum National Park aerial walkway in Accra. The scary, rocking one 120 feet high and overlooking dense tropical foliage, that I walked across with my mum and sisters when we visited Ghana in the late 90s!

Here is a picture of the steps I took while going up the tree house:


The reflective surface you see beneath the grab-posts is the swamp below.

We also sighted monkeys. This was really nice because last time we came, the monkeys were probably having a siesta. Or perhaps we didn’t know where to look — this time, we saw them, high up in trees, the view of them blocked by the sun overhead.

The last cool thing I saw that I’m going to talk about is the tortoise. It’s a grand tortoise, very old, telling from the scales on its  limbs, but also very fast. Yoruba culture is replete with folktales of the tortoise (ijapa) and how cunning it is, but also how slow-moving it is. It was the first time I saw a tortoise in the wild (not turtles, which are not fully terrestrial, but divide their time between water and land) — and I was surprised at how fast it moved.


Let me just say that the Lekki Conservation Center is a fun way to pass an afternoon. A ticket for entry is N1,000 so about 7 dollars. There is no hurry to leave and there is good conversation to be had with other people on the trail, like Mensah and Bukky, this lovely Ghanian-Nigerian couple we met on the trail, and also John and his team — the actual people who built the trail (how cool was that?!)

This has been a public paid announcement brought to you by your local park… actually, it hasn’t. But the product placement of the Minku bag in the last picture is rather unmissable, isn’t it? ;-)



2 thoughts on “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my… visit to the Lekki Conservation Center

  1. That sounds like a lotta fun!!!!! Couldn’t miss the Minku purse though! Will definitely visit the Conservation center when next I’m in town! Thanks for sharing

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