Recent customization work

Lately, I have been making some Minku bags that are 100% customized to what the client wants. I wanted to write an update on some of these projects here.

The first was a Bariga bag. The client made the most exciting choice of aso-oke lining: this vibrant yellow lining with some red and teal stripes. Well, since her either-or lining options had both been vibrant colours, I figured I could have some more fun. So I made the inner pocket, and some piping around the cell-phone compartment, using some teal aso-oke my mum gave me, that was left over from the engagement ceremony.

I mean, it would already have been nice that each time she opened the zipped inner pocket of her bag, she saw the yellow aso-oke lining, same as the rest of the bag. But even cooler is that each time she opens the zipped pocket, she sees this:


Another bag I made a customized version of recently is the Electric Boogie bag. This was Project Cool because I got to make it in Hokie colours! I felt so warm ‘n’ fuzzy inside as I worked with the colours of the school I called home for two years. I am sure you can guess that this bag is headed to a client in Blacksburg, Virginia!


Now I am taking a break before starting work on the next bag. Thank you for reading, and I hope you are having a happy and restful summer,


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