Some recent customizations

Earlier this week, I went to a leather store and got some special leathers. I can’t wait to start using them to bring  some of my ideas to life. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you, some recent customizations I have done.

I got an inquiry about the Emure bag last month. The bag is lovely as it is, but the client wanted something with a size that was more… practical. So we came up with an ideal height together (about 10cm were shaved from the top of the previously too-long Emure), and I got to work.


The resulting bag looked a bit different from the initial idea of the Emure. The goal of these bags is to fit into the lifestyle of the owner, and the initial design was more suited for weekend travel (deep main compartment; less structure; closely-spaced straps) than the latter.


Also, I was able to upgrade the initial execution of the interior. All in all, I was very happy with the result, and when the bag arrived in Brighton, I got a happy feedback email as well!

Another bag project I’ve had in the last couple of months is the Bariga tote. I have made quite a few Bariga totes in the past couple of years, each one radically different from the other. Here, in line with the primary colour wave that seems to be sweeping customization at Minku, is the Bariga tote, structured and, as requested, in blue:


These bags are no joke to make, as they require some dedicated hand-stitching into their structured edges. What gave me most joy about this and previous Bariga totes was their interiors:


The clients who order this design are usually working ladies with many different items to carry and thus in need of a structured carryall with well-defined compartments. The sea of blues in this particular rendering reminds me of one of those Greek islands, with all the painstakingly-mixed blue paint hues.

I always enjoy making these bags. Customizations help me see possibilities beyond my own design ideas. Clients being happy with the end-result of something they helped design, really is the icing on the cake.

Love and happy holidays,



4 thoughts on “Some recent customizations

  1. I like the customisation of the Emure bag. I never would’ve thought to ask for it to be shorter…great call from the client and, as always…Minku to the rescue!

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