Happy new year!

Happy new year 2015 to you. A lot has been happening here, days just pass and before I know it, a month has gone by… then two, then three… I won’t recount all the things I’ve been up to at Minku lately. The two key ones: our new campaign, and also the December/January issue of Yonderland, I would do posts on in just a bit (and you can catch them on the Minku homepage.

It’s January here, and my main goal has been to keep warm :-) I am a sweater-maxiskirt-jacket-boots girl this winter, and my ‘discovery’ of this uniform has been my excuse to try on just about every sweater. Like this orange one:


Is this becoming a style blog? Arghhh, I don’t know. It is from time to time a fashion reportage blog; I think it’s a space that just rolls with the punches of what I’m dedicating some thought to at the time, fashion-wise.

I am interested in knowing how you stay warm in the winter. Do you have a winter ‘uniform’? A go-to jacket? Do you accessorize more? What’s your winter footwear style like? Any new year style resolutions? (Mine is to let go of or repair clothes I haven’t been wearing).




2 thoughts on “Happy new year!

  1. Ugg boots rule my winter. Most people either love Uggs or hate them because they are rather bulky. I love them.

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