Spring is coming early to Zurich

This week, I mailed the brown Fadaka bag to a client in Zurich.

BrownFadaka_Packaged1a   FadakaBag_Brown FadakaBag_brown_interior2


This bag is like Linje Akvavit, the Norwegian style of whisky (or aquavit as it is called in Scandinavia), where it is shipped in oak barrels from Norway to Australia and back to Norway, thus having it pass the equator twice, which is fabled to improve its taste. Anyone wanna take a shot at how many times the Fadaka bags, including this one in brown, have crossed the equator? Considering I made and mailed them from Barcelona, but the photoshoot below was done in Lagos?




Some part of the email the lady said to me went along the lines of “happy Sunday from cloudy/rainy Zurich” and I hope this bag reminds her, whenever she carries it, that springtime is just around the corner!



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