Where to buy Minku

I am working on the Fall/Winter 2016 collection, and I thought I should share the list of places to shop our collections.

For Fall/Winter 2016, you can expect bags in that nude pink shade that I like so much. And also bags in brown and black. I’m reworking some old favourites, and also exploring new shapes. Of course there will be backpacks for men and women. Some of it is still that weathered-look Eleko-Wave processed leather. And the rest is classic shapes and lines. They will be lined in some of the finest aso-oke cotton fabrics.

As is becoming almost customary, there will be items of clothing. I make these, really just for the models to have something to wear for the lookbook. They really tie in the Minku aesthetic and style, which I am refining every season (this will be our eleventh collection!).

If you are in Lagos, you may already know that you can get Minku in Stranger. And we continue to work on capsule collections for a store in San Sebastian (Spain), which is undergoing a rebranding and whose new brand will be unveiled soon. We’re also in talks with a Barcelona store, with more details coming soon.

Then of course there is our web site.

Besides leather, I’ve been experimenting with paper — making notebooks, to be precise. Selecting and hand-binding papers has got to be one of the most Zen activities around. I get to use exotic snake skins, gold-toned leather, vegetable-tanned leather, and more in quite unconventional ways. And where I deem fit, to combine them with aso-oke fabrics. See  a selection of our hand-bound notebooks here.



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