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I am trying to choose a Minku logo. Something specific and defined, that can help our branding campaign, and appear consistently on the web site, perhaps on Minku images, and so on. Still in deciding stage, but with the help of roommates, friends, brother, I’ve narrowed them down to two choices. Please leave a comment to vote your preference. Voting ends on August 2, 2011.

Thanks! Minku



Still using comps, the final logo would be cleanly finished..

To find out about the results on Aug 2, please check back on this site or go to

Minku FTW

A good friend and Minku customer received her Minku handbag today. Her email made me super-happy (the title of the post is a quote from it). I’m fired up and ready to work. It was an interesting day going to the outskirts of Barcelona in search of materials for bag-making. I came back tired after four hours, and with not much to show for it.

But after getting that lovely email, I am so on it :-)

Minku is here

Thanks for stopping by to check out what’s going on at Minku. It’s 1:30am on a Wednesday, soft rock (aka the type of music my roomie’s parents listen to) is playing on my laptop. The past few days have been for cutting, hand-stitching, combining pieces of leather and fabric, into what will be the first Minku collection. In the next post, I’ll put up pictures.

About Minku: I started Minku because I wanted to put my art, design, and engineering backgrounds into practice in a way that would be meaningful and fulfilling.