Festa Major de Gracia 2014

With Babita on calle Verdi (which was transformed to the Amazon forest), on the first day of Festa Major de Gracia:


This was a fun night, on which a lot happened. For example, while going to see Travessera de Sant Antoni, a street whose theme was India/Bollywood and which had a giant (papier mache?) statue of the Hindu god, Ganesha, in the middle of the street, it began to rain and we ended up taking refuge in a… church. There was the lady who makes  dreamy wooden toys, the art exhibition opening where by chance a girl I know was one of the exhibiting artists, batucada bands, and swing dancing in Placa del Diamant.

Festa Major de Gracia is about seeing where the evening takes you. There’s still a lot to explore there, and the festivities are on until the 21st. Viva la fiesta.