The Third Minku Pop-Up Store and Fashion Show

The pictures from the third Minku pop-up store, held in Lekki Phase I on November 2, 2014 had to come in monochrome because there was such a flurry of movement, print, and smiles. Yes, smiles are more vivid in black-and-white.

This was an amazing evening filled with music, food, drink, friends and family, creativity, and appreciation. The pop-up stores are becoming one way for me to reconnect with friends, family and readers that I might not see or meet otherwise.

MinkuPopUp_2 MinkuPopUp_3MinkuPopUp_1 MinkuPopUp_4 MinkuPopUp_5 MinkuPopUp_6 MinkuPopUp_7 MinkuPopUp_8 MinkuPopUp_9 MinkuPopUp_10 MinkuPopUp_11 MinkuPopUp_12 MinkuPopUp_13 MinkuPopUp_14 MinkuPopUp_15 MinkuPopUp_16 MinkuPopUp_17 MinkuPopUp_18MinkuPopUp_19
MinkuPopUp_20 MinkuPopUp_21 MinkuPopUp_23 MinkuPopUp_24 MinkuPopUp_25 MinkuPopUp_26 MinkuPopUp_27 MinkuPopUp_28 MinkuPopUp_29 MinkuPopUp_30 MinkuPopUp_31 MinkuPopUp_32 MinkuPopUp_33 MinkuPopUp_34 MinkuPopUp_35 MinkuPopUp_36 MinkuPopUp_37 MinkuPopUp_38 MinkuPopUp_39

Thanks to everyone for coming! We’ll do this again, and then again, and then again, and again….

(P.S. Pictures from the first Minku Pop-up store can be seen in this post.)